Velocite Anchor 34.9mm seatpost Clamp

Velocite Anchor 34.9mm Clamp




Gentle clamping force, firm grip. The Velocite Anchor 34.9mm clamp will hold your seatpost in place while protecting it, and the frame.

This one of the most secure seat post clamps currently available. The chance of your seat post slipping when using the Velocite Anchor clamp is about zero, and you do not even need to over tighten it (3 Nm torque is all it needs). The clamp is forged, then CNC machined out of solid 6061 aluminium and uses two stainless steel bolts to achieve a secure, but gentle hold. Each inside facing edge is carefully chamfered to eliminate any possibility of scratching your seat post.

The Velocite Anchor is compatible with any frame that uses a 31.6mm seat post. The height of the clamp is sufficient to completely cover the entire clamp zone of most frames. 


Construction: 6061 alloy, forged and CNC finished
Clamp: 31.6mm, 2 x M5 stainless steel bolts, 3Nm torque
Weight: 22g

Holy shiitzn, this is so cool thank you.


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