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Be different. Sell the highest performance products in the market. Become a Velocite dealer.

Velocite are looking for experienced retail partners globally. The size of your dealership is not as significant as your desire to sell the highest performing bicycle parts to your customers, and to have them come back for more. Velocite products are not generic products, nor are they a result of industrial design briefs. All of our products first and foremost meet our very high stiffness and manufacturing quality goals. The fact that they also look good is a fortuitous coincidence.

Our brand position is all about real product performance superiority, not just marketing claims or superfluous designs dictated by the current fashions.


How do our frames compare to the competition? Here is a quick comparison of torsional stiffness as measured at the head tube - the industry standard, and at the bottom bracket:

Please visit our blog for a more in-depth discussion, Velocite Blog


We are also distinguished by being one of the very few brands based and operating in Taiwan. This gives us a huge advantage when it comes to sourcing, quality control and costs. Uniquely we are the only Taiwanese brand that has a government sponsored research branch, based at the Tainan Science Park, the home of TSMC, Corning, national supercomputing centre, and many other leading high technology and material science companies. Among the benefits of membership is access to comprehensive test equipment suites ranging from simple mechanical testing equipment to scanning electron microscopes and a full size wind tunnel.

Our long standing relationship with the largest university for mechanical engineering in Taiwan, the National Cheng Kung University (see some stories about them here: NCKU in the media) means that we have access to some of the brightest students and high achieving staff to help us pursue our R&D objectives. The current projects that are being conducted with the NCKU are dynamic stress analysis of a complete bicycle, and advanced CFD (computational fluid dynamics) aerodynamics simulations. In fact during the past 10 months we have conducted more CFD simulations than some very large bicycle companies had done since their beginnings.

Browse through our product range to see what the press has to say about us. Here is a short quote from the latest review of the Velocite Geos, by Cycling Plus magazine in the UK that will serve to ease your mind about our products' quality, warranty work and customer satisfaction: "Excellent frame alignment is also better than most big brand name bikes we clamp our calibrating tools on...; The Velocite has a great finish and was very accurately made, too"

If there are no distributors in your area, no problem! We have a well supported Direct Distribution program which enables you to purchase all the products directly form us. Contact us today to discuss the dealership terms and prices. Click here




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