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Velocite Gram straight pull road bike hubs feature the widest rear flange spacing in the market. This configuration is made possible by the triplet (2:1) spoke lalcing pattern. The oversize 69xx series bearings ensure smooth running out on the road, not just in your hand.


Key Features:

  • Cold forged alloy bodies, then CNC machined to specification
  • 20 hole front hub, 24 hole rear hub for straight pull spokes
  • 30 tooth forged steel engagement ratchet ring for optimal 10° quick engagement, while offering very low drag
  • Three double row pawls that engage simultaneously, creating a positive interface with no flexing
  • Velocite Gram advanced cold forged hubs with environmental sealing and widest flange spacing for stiffest possible wheels
  • Replaceable, oversize 6901 and 6902 series EZO sealed cartridge bearings with double the static load bearing capacity of usual bearings found in road bike hubs
  • 11 speed Shimano/SRAM, convertible to Campagnolo on request.


Weight: 80g front, 255g rear
Flange spacing (hole to hole): 72mm Front, 68mm Rear
Flange diameter: 36mm front, 40mm non-drive side, 56mm drive-side
Construction: Cold forged aluminium alloy

NOTE: Rear rims above 30mm profile may require custom drilling to accommodate the wide non-drive side spoke bracing angles.



Download hub measurements and lacing diagrams below:

Velocite Gram 24h rear hub instructionsRear Gram hub measurements and lacing diagram

Velocite Gram front hub measurements and lacing instructionsFront Gram hub measurements and lacing diagram


Velocite Gram hubs are a result of our quest to manufacture the hubs that would satisfy our product philosophy of absolute performance.

The design of the hubs is deceptively simple with the minimum of parts and no spurious complications such as preload adjustment which is mechanically not desirable for cartridge bearings, nor is it useful. There are also no shims, spacers or odd bearing sizes that would complicate or prevent the easy maintenance of the hubs to prepare them for the race day. 

Gram hubs are designed to offer the best possible real world performance, especially for stronger riders as they benefit the most from the more durable bearings and the ability to make torsionally stiff wheels. The torsional stiffness is derived from the stiffness of the cold forged alloy hub shells, and from the extra wide flange spacing. In fact at 68mm non-drive side to drive side (hole to hole) Gram rear hub has the widest flange spacing of any hub currently in the market.

Maintenance of the hub is very simple, requiring just two Allen keys (number 5 and 8). Even the axle is removable by hand, permitting frequent and thorough cleaning to keep the hubs operating at their peak performance.

NOTE: To ensure optimal ratchet engagement ensure that you use light grease as heavy grease can cause pawls to remain stuck in their seats.

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