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Velocite Flux Alloy 29er alloy mountainbike frame

Velocite Flux Alloy 29 frame

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Velocite Flux Alloy 29er breaks new ground when it comes to precision handling, rider involvement and just plain old fun. The immense torsional stiffness combined with class defining pedalling efficiency turns even the most difficult rides into great experiences, especially when the time comes to ride back down.

Key Features

  • Two-pass welded, triple butted, cold worked 7005-T6 alloy
  • Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
  • PF30 bottom bracket
  • Bow shape for minimal front triangle size, low standover height and maximum stiffness
  • Sloping geometry
  • 1650-1700g

With the Velocite Flux Alloy we were aiming to create the perfect hardtail cross country mountain bike frame. In our opinion the perfect frame would need to handle well, be exceptionally stiff (frame flex contributing to comfort is a myth born from poor testing and simulations), be light and make no compromises with the geometry.

Therefore the Flux Alloy frames come in five frame sizes and three wheel sizes. Size XS and S use 26" wheels, size M uses 27.5" (650B) wheels and sizes L and XL use 29" wheels. We feel that this is the best way to offer consistently good handling and performance to riders of all sizes. Force fitting 29" wheels into a frame that is too small for them is a very bad idea that leads to poor performance.

The Flux Alloy 29er inspires immediate familiarity and rewards you with a lively ride that responds to your every input immediately, be it steering or pedalling. There is no perceptible flex thanks to the 1.5" tapered head tube, and the most over-engineered chainstays and bottom bracket area of any cross country mountain bike, carbon or alloy. The chainstays alone are 40mm tall and composed of a single cold worked tube. Climbing is thus only as difficult as the gradient, you are not further lumbered by a flexible frame that bends and bucks at every stroke and obstacle.

When descending the exceptional torsional stiffness ensures that your wheels both remain in the same plane allowing you to concentrate on the riding line in the distance rather than worrying about what is in your way. 

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OS headtube

Our frames take advantage of a tapered head tube with a 1.5" bottom bearing and 1 1/8" top bearing. This is the optimal configuration to achieve the best torsional stiffness at a low weight. The oversize head tube allows larger diameter down tube to be used, while the fork also benefits from the larger fork crown which distributes the stresses over a wider area.

Torsion focus

All Velocite frames lead their product class in terms of torsional stifness as measured at the head tube and the bottom bracket (also known as pedalling stiffness). High torsional stiffness increases the efficiency and handling characteristic of the bike without adversy affecting rider comfort. Specifically, the exceptionally high pedalling stiffness results in immediate response to your every stroke, and instant acceleration.

7005-T6 alloy

Custom triple butted and profiled 7005 T6 tempered aluminium alloy tubing provides the optimal combination of high tensile strength, damage and fatigue failure resistance, and excellent weldability. Mechanical properties of the 7005 alloy allow us to create very torsionally stiff frames at weights approaching those of carbon frames.


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