Velocite Geos 2.0 Ultegra carbon bike

Velocite Geos 2.0 Ultegra



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In the photographs above, custom Geos 2.0 SRAM with Velocite Noir 38/50T wheels. The actual bike will vary from the photographs.

Velocite Geos is our most versatile full carbon frame. It is race proven frameset of choice for some of the top teams and riders in the world. The clever geometry allows long distance comfort, but also delivers confidence inspiring handling especially during fast mountain descents.


Key Features

  • Monocoque unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber composite
  • Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
  • Full length carbon BB30 shell and bottom bracket
  • Carbon fiber head tube angular contact headset races
  • Through the head tube cable routing
  • Internal rear brake cable routing
  • Carbon dropouts
  • Sloping geometry
  • 920-1100g 

The use of full carbon BB30 shell and an asymmetric 1.5” head tube that takes advantage of carbon fiber bearing races serve to reduce the frame's weight and increase its stiffness at the mechanical contact points. Unlike conventional ultra light frames that utilize very thin seat stays and over built bottom brackets, the Velocite Geos takes advantage of a sloping geometry and a compact rear triangle to deliver superior stiffness. The Velocite Geos has up to 60mm wide down tube and 45mm tall chain stays, and uses the stiff and light Velocite Bora S full carbon fork.

The benefits of frame stiffness are improved riding efficiency, greater control while riding at high speed, better response while sprinting, and greater rider enjoyment - you feel as if the bike is working with you, not against you.

Rider comfort is also addressed through the complex multi-modulus carbon fiber layup that dampens the road vibrations. In addition, due to the sloping geometry, the advanced TLCS31 seat post is mostly exposed contributing to the large bump and vibration dampening performance of the frameset.

Geos in use


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Geos Reviews logoComfortable enough for all day in the saddle, but without being boring, stiff enough to spank the pedals but without being rock solid, the Velocite Geos 2.0 is a playful bike to ride, a bit like taking an excited terrier for a walk. Read more...



Rider comfort has not been forgotten as Velocite claims their multi-modulus carbon fiber layup will dampen unwanted road vibrations. In addition, due to the sloping geometry, they expect most of the seatpost to be exposed hoping for the compliance of a long post to soak up any of the residual unpleasantries. Read more...




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OS headtube

Our frames take advantage of a tapered head tube with a 1.5" bottom bearing and 1 1/8" top bearing. This is the optimal configuration to achieve the best torsional stiffness at a low weight. The oversize head tube allows larger diameter down tube to be used, while the fork also benefits from the larger fork crown which distributes the stresses over a wider area.

Torsion focus

All Velocite frames lead their product class in terms of torsional stifness as measured at the head tube and the bottom bracket (also known as pedalling stiffness). High torsional stiffness increases the efficiency and handling characteristic of the bike without adversy affecting rider comfort. Specifically, the exceptionally high pedalling stiffness results in immediate response to your every stroke, and instant acceleration.

HC Tech

High compaction technology (HCT) is a carbon fiber composite manufacturing method that allows us to achieve smooth, wrinkle and debris free interior surfaces, as well as perfect outside surface quality which is not wavy or of uneven thickness. The benefits are not only cosmetic. HCT composites have less voids and thus higher inter-laminar strength which increases frame durability and stiffness.

UD Monocoque

We prioritize the use of unidirectional carbon fiber wherever possible in order to achieve the highest strength and stiffness for any given weight. Likewise the monocoque process where there are no physical joints at all throughout most of the frame enables us to utilize optimal continuous fiber layups to achieve our extraordinary performance.


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