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Velocite Gram Aero tubeless ready alloy wheels



Maxxis Radiale 22-TL
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Velocite Gram Aero road tubeless compatible wheels are a new generation scandium alloy wheelset with a 24mm wide and 31mm deep profile that features an optimal blend of aerodynamics and superior rim strength.


Key Features

  • Advanced scandium alloy road tubeless ready rims
  • 700c 31mm tall x 24mm wide aerodynamic rim profile
  • Sponsor friendly removable decals
  • 20/24 Velocite Gram hubs with 2:1 lacing on the rear wheel, radial front, 10° engagement, double row pawls, very low rolling and coasting drag
  • Package includes spare spokes, spare nipples, brake pads, warranty card
  • 1598g per set

Velocite Gram Aero wheels are delivered with a standard rim tape. They can be converted to road tubeless rims by using a tubeless rim tape such as Stan’s No Tubes or Effetto Mariposa.




The Gram Aero advanced rim profile allows a standard 23 mm wide tire to present a symmetric hyperbolic curve towards the direction of motion, instead of a more common round profile which is far less aerodynamic as it causes early boundary layer separation. This allows the relatively shallow 31mm rim to deliver a less turbulent wake than expected from a rim of this depth. The reduced wake turbulence markedly reduces drag and thus offers you free speed when compared to narrower, or less aerodynamically optimized shallow profile rims. 


Wheel construction

We wanted the Gram Aero to be the ultimate versatile wheelset that can serve both as a fast training wheelset as well as a proper racing wheelset when carbon wheels are not appropriate. The rim is composed of a special scandium-aluminium alloy that displays very high tensile strength properties compared to non scandium containing alloys. This allows the rim to be made thinner and lighter while retaining the strength necessary to make a durable wheel.

Gram aero true road tubeless rim

The strength of the rim is further enhanced by the large physical dimensions of the rim (24mm wide, 31mm deep) and by the fact that it uses straight, not curved braking surface. The straight edges in an otherwise curved rim serve to increase the vertical (hoop) stiffness of the rim which would otherwise be vertically too soft due to its curved airfoil shape.

The Velocite Gram Aero performance is further helped by the advanced Velocite Gram triplet (2:1 lacing) hubs. The high precision construction combined with part integration design philosophy deliver exceptionally low rolling and coasting resistance, very high peak load values and stable and laterally stiff wheels. The minimal part count also allows easy maintenance and service.

The wheels are assembled by hand using stainless steel bladed spokes, Wheelsmith Spoke Prep™ and long rounded collar alloy nipples. The building process involves three tension and de-tension cycles, followed by computer controlled quality assurance certification - the QC measurements obtained are included with every wheel.

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