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Velocite RT50 road tubeless wheels

Velocite RT50 Aero Road Tubeless Wheels - Carbon Clincher

The combination of safe crosswind handling, tubeless tire puncture resistance and excellent aerodynamics means that you can ride with confidence in a wide range of real life riding or racing situations.

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The second generation Velocite RT50 aero road tubeless wheels are a product of two years of research and development and rider feedback. The unique 50mm tall and 25mm wide rim profile was developed using proprietary CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations and was designed to deliver minimal drag and zero steering torque in cross wind situations.


The combination of safe crosswind handling, tubeless tire puncture resistance (when sealant is used) and low wind resistance means that you can ride with confidence in a wide range of real life riding or racing situations.


Key Features

  • Full carbon fiber composite tubeless clincher rims with resin glass transition temperature (Tg) of 192° C (377° F)
  • 700c 50mm tall x 25mm wide symmetrical airfoil profile with zero torque for safe crosswind handling
  • Sponsor friendly removable decals
  • 20/24 Velocite Gram hubs with 2:1 lacing on the rear wheel, radial front, 10° engagement, double row pawls, very low rolling and coasting drag
  • Package includes spare spokes, spare nipples, brake pads, warranty card
  • 1660g per set

Velocite RT50 aero wheels are delivered taped for road tubeless use, with a brass tubeless valve and an alloy extension. The wheels can also be used as standard carbon road clincher wheels when used with non-tubeless tires after removing the valve.




Velocite RT50 wheels utilize our ZeroTorque™ airfoil design which effectively eliminates steering torque as a result of cross winds. The simulated peak torque value at 22° angle of attack is just 18 grams of force (simulated at 30 mph / 48 km/h).


Velocite RT50 ZeroTorque rim aerodynamics data plots


This means that when riding in blustery or windy conditions your steering will not be affected. You will still experience the side force, but not the twisting of your front wheel. This will deliver enhanced confidence and speed as you will be able to remain in your aero position on the handlebars.


Velocite RT50 ZeroTorque airfoil flow detail


The ZeroTorque airfoil performs very well when it comes to drag as the results show. The total drag decreases beyond 6° angle of attack, all the way to 22° indicating a very late aerodynamic stall and good performance in very strong cross wind situations.


The rim shape was developed using custom developed novel computational fluid dynamics software that is able to simulate rotating wheels directly, and with greater accuracy than ever before. You can read more about the development process in our blog.




Wheel construction

The primary criteria for the RT50 rims was to ensure their stiffness, durability and resistance to high temperatures. To achieve this we used an advanced layup that ensures stiff rim sidewalls and a custom developed resin system which offers both high bonding strength (measured as interlaminar shear strength) and resistance to high temperatures. The rims are temperature stable at up to 192º C (377º F).

Velocite RT50 true road tubeless rim profileSince the Velocite RT50 are true road tubeless wheels, the rims have sophisticated internal rim locking features designed to lock the tire bead firmly onto the rim and thus provide an airtight seal. The seal is airtight even at low air pressures that may result as a restult of a puncture, or during initial inflation. This means that, once mounted, you are able to inflate or reinflate the tires with ease as they will not come off the rim without further physical force which is needed to unseat the tires from the internal bead locking features.

The additional feature is a seamless brake track that is integrated into the rim profile allowing more even carbon fiber layup with better mechanical stress distribution. The rims are precision CNC drilled to achieve the correct spoke angles to reduce any bending stresses on the nipples

The wheels are assembled by hand using stainless steel bladed spokes, Wheelsmith Spoke Prep™ and long rounded collar alloy nipples. The building process involves three tension and de-tension cycles, followed by computer controlled quality assurance certification - the QC measurements obtained are included with every wheel.

The Velocite RT50 performance is further helped by the advanced Velocite Gram triplet (2:1 lacing) hubs. The high precision construction combined with part integration design philosophy deliver exceptionally low rolling and coasting resistance, very high peak load values and stable and laterally stiff wheels. The minimal part count also allows easy maintenance and service.

The wheels went through a rigorous testing and development process, both in field with our test riders and on some of the most advanced computer controlled test machines available.

These wheels never cease to amaze fast !!...they kill my 404 firecrest every time ....super smooth and so quite.

I love these wheels. Got them after getting tired of gluing tubulars everytime I got a flat. Tubeless is the way to go if you want a no fuss system. Wheels are super fast and they are really strong for a heavy guy like me. They also survived a crash at over 55 km/h and ran perfectly true after it. I would definitely buy these again.

Very nice and stiff wheels. Puncture resistance seems great too. While in the past I'd get a puncture or a pinch flat due to bad roads every month or so, I have yet to get a puncture with the Padrone tires on the Velocite RT50 wheels, and it's been over two months now! Oh...the wheels are great too.

Very good wheels. They feel different to any other carbon wheels that I tried. The ride quality is similar to tubulars, but I have not had any punctures yet.


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Velocite RT50 CFD development story

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