Velocite Syn Carbon Bike Frame

Velocite Syn Aero Carbon Road Bike Frame



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Designed by science, not by guesswork and a marketing brief. The Velocite Syn is the fastest road bike in the world today. Over two years of research, development and testing delivers the ultimate combination of aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort.


Key Features

  • The only aerodynamic bike that remains aerodynamic even when water bottles are used
  • Patented concave downtube for the best aerodynamics
  • Monocoque unidirectional (UD) high modulus blend carbon fiber composite
  • Internal Di2 or cable routing
  • Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
  • PF30 bottom bracket
  • Flat mount disc brakes
  • Through axle fork and removable through axle rear dropouts
  • Damped hidden seat post clamp
  • Unmatched torsional stiffness
  • Frame Weight: 1200-1380g


    The Velocite Syn is the only aero road bike that not only remains aerodynamics when used with water bottles, but wind tunnel data indicates that the aerodynamic drag in fact drops by 12.3% when a bottle is present in the downtube bottle cage. It is also the only aero road bike that does not sacrifice either stiffness nor rider comfort for the sake of aesthetics. The Syn is the perfect example of purely functional design.

    Aerodynamic design was focused on achieving the lowest drag in real life conditions, which means riding your bike with water bottles. Presently there are no road bikes that retain their aerodynamic performance once round water bottles are used. We hold three international patents on the innovative concave downtube that we developed to achieve this unique performance feature.

    Frame stiffness is also a very important feature that often lacks with other aero road bikes. We thus spent considerable time both researching and prototyping the best layup solutions for the Velocite Syn. The result is a bottom bracket stiffness that is 20% higher than any other frame's currently in the market (data on file and available on request)

    Lastly, and most importantly you have to live with and ride the bike. We thus made the Velocite Syn comfortable by applying the body of knowledge collected by the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie in Germany which determined that the major source of actual and perceived rider comfort is derived by the wheels/tires, and by the flexing of the seatpost. We thus use a standard round seatpost which and a silicone bumper to dampen the flex rebound and thus eliminate the bouncing feeling or oscillation. Because we use a standard seatpost you can tune your level of comfort and road feel to suit your riding style or even the roads that you are riding on by choosing a different seatpost. The frame also uses removable rear dropouts, not just a removable hanger. This means that our rear derailleur hanger is extremely stiff delivering precise shifting, and that your frame will not get destroyed in the event that you damage the frame dropouts.


Excellent frame, have had mine for over two years now with no problems at all.

I am a Category 2 track racer/sprinter. I use my Magnus for training only because I do not race road. This thing is STIFF, i can practice sprints without worry of failure because this thing is SOLID yet still decently light. I have ultegra 6700 all cheap aluminum parts and heavy training wheels but it still comes out to a feathery 17lbs, and thats the large. The most important thing about this bike, and the main reason I bought it, is the lifetime warranty. I work at a bike shop that sells Specialized and no one offers a lifetime warranty on a non-custom carbon frame.

Fantastic frame. Very good for sprinters or anyone that finds normal frames too flexy.


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OS headtube

Our frames take advantage of a tapered head tube with a 1.5" bottom bearing and 1 1/8" top bearing. This is the optimal configuration to achieve the best torsional stiffness at a low weight. The oversize head tube allows larger diameter down tube to be used, while the fork also benefits from the larger fork crown which distributes the stresses over a wider area.

Torsion focus

All Velocite frames lead their product class in terms of torsional stifness as measured at the head tube and the bottom bracket (also known as pedalling stiffness). High torsional stiffness increases the efficiency and handling characteristic of the bike without adversy affecting rider comfort. Specifically, the exceptionally high pedalling stiffness results in immediate response to your every stroke, and instant acceleration.

HC Tech

High compaction technology (HCT) is a carbon fiber composite manufacturing method that allows us to achieve smooth, wrinkle and debris free interior surfaces, as well as perfect outside surface quality which is not wavy or of uneven thickness. The benefits are not only cosmetic. HCT composites have less voids and thus higher inter-laminar strength which increases frame durability and stiffness.

UD Monocoque

We prioritize the use of unidirectional carbon fiber wherever possible in order to achieve the highest strength and stiffness for any given weight. Likewise the monocoque process where there are no physical joints at all throughout most of the frame enables us to utilize optimal continuous fiber layups to achieve our extraordinary performance.


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