Versus The Competition


In the bike industry it is not common (we have yet to encounter it) for brands to compare their products directly against the competitor's product, thus we will also abstain from making direct comparisons. Nevertheless, here are some guidelines that will help you asses the relative performance of our frames versus competitors' frames in each category. These comparisons are done using our testing data and extensive rider feedback collected since our begginnings in 2009.


Frame Category What you get
Helios Aero Aero road bike Category leading stiffness, comparable weight, uses true aero profiles
Magnus Power frame Unique, no competing products yet, highest stiffness
Geos Pro Competition racer Comparable stiffness, comparable weight, superior durability, better value
Selene High end alloy frame Higher stiffness, comparable weight, higher grade finish
Flux Pro Competition XC Higher stiffness, better durability, comparable weight, much better value




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