Venn Enduro 27.5 TCD wheels



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The Venn Enduro rims are made using a novel manual layup process where the entire rim body is laid up in one step. This avoids having to place and locate separate patches of carbon fiber as is the norm with virtually every other rim in the market. The Enduro rims are specifically designed to accommodate for MTB.


The 31.3mm deep and 27.3mm wide profile provides a very strong platform allowing us to reduce the rim weight to just 355g and still deliver exceptional strength. The rims are compatible with clincher tires that when used with a sealant virtually eliminate the inconvenience of having a flat tire away from home, or during a race.


Key Features

  • Full carbon fiber composite clincher rims with disc brake specific, continuous tangent layup (CTL) construction
  • 650b 31.3mm tall x 27.3mm wide
  • 24/24 Venn Rea db hubs with modular construction to accommodate any current or future axle standard
  • 1302g per set

Price is per set

Lead time is a 45 days


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