Bicycle Aerodynamics Consulting Service

As bicycle domain specialists, we can offer you world class aerodynamics consulting services

  • Airflow simulation over the entire bike, parts of bikes, or components in 3D using full LES turbulence modeling
  • Rotating wheels airflow simulation, on their own or as part of a complete bike
  • Drag coefficient calculation
  • Torque calculations – on the frame, wheel or any other surface
  • Surface pressure plots for shape optimisation
  • Animated flow visualisation
  • Images
  • Raw data in Paraview format
  • Transient simulations
  • Consulting and advisory services

Why consider aerodynamics for your bicycle products?

In the increasingly competitive market where profit margins are squeezed from the bottom by the numerous low cost, generic manufacturers and from the top by the ever intensifying competition at the premium performance product segment, working with us will allow you to remain competitive, and depending on your aspirations and budget, even to exceed the performance of the current market leading designs.

If your budget is modest we can help you select among the designs that you are considering, or we can identify the most likely airfoil shapes that your design should incorporate. Working with us will also provide you with ample visuals to use in your promotional materials to illustrate the aerodynamic benefits of your design, and to demonstrate to your customers that you are offering a high performance product.

If your budget is considerable we can work with you to develop groundbreaking new designs that exceed the performance levels of the best current designs, and which are either entirely UCI compliant, or not, depending on your specifications. We are also able to facilitate wind tunnel testing of full size prototypes to add to the body of knowledge and to verify the design parameters prior to production.

Why should you work with Velocite on your new bicycle design?

We know what you need since we are a bicycle company, not a general engineering firm, and we can guarantee that among the specialist CFD providers that we can offer the simulations that you need at a budget apropriate to the bicycle industry.

Our long standing relationship with the largest university for mechanical engineering in Taiwan, the National Cheng Kung University (see some stories about them here: NCKU in the media) means that we have access to some of the brightest students and high achieving staff to help us pursue our R&D objectives. The current projects that are being conducted with the NCKU are dynamic stress analysis of a complete bicycle, and advanced CFD (computational fluid dynamics) aerodynamics simulations. In fact during the past 24 months we have conducted more CFD simulations than some very large bicycle companies had done since their beginnings.

Velocite are a bike company, you may be our competitor, how can this work?

The R&D relationship would be covered by an industry standard contract that is no different to any other R&D or engineering companys’ contract who often deal with multiple, mutually conflicting clients.

Additionally, we are still a small company thus our limitation is not with know-how, but with market access. We simply do not have the capacity to make additional designs beyond those that we are already making.  Thus working with us is beneficial to you as we are on the same page from the outset, and can understand your needs quickly and thoroughly.

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