Syn Carbon Aero Frameset

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Our flagship Aero Road Disc bike. Designed with science, unparalleled design and ridden by you.


Designed by science for the highest performance, not by guesswork and a marketing brief. The Velocite Syn is the fastest road bike in the world today. Over two years of research, development and testing delivers the ultimate combination of aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort.


Key Features

  • The only aerodynamic bike that remains aerodynamic even when water bottles are used
  • Patented concave downtube for the best aerodynamics
  • Monocoque unidirectional (UD) high modulus blend carbon fiber composite
  • Internal Di2 or cable routing
  • Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
  • PF30 bottom bracket
  • Flat mount disc brakes
  • Through axle fork and removable through axle rear dropouts
  • Damped hidden seat post clamp
  • Unmatched torsional stiffness
  • Frame Weight: 1200-1380g


Size X small Small Medium Large
Seat Angle 73º 73º
Head Angle 73º 73º
Fork Offset 43mm 43mm
Seat Tube 480mm 500mm
BB Drop 68mm 68mm
Top Tube 554.5mm 570mm
Head Tube 148.5mm 173mm
Reach 386mm 395mm
Chain Stay 408mm 408mm
Wheel Base 981.2mm 996.9mm


The Velocite Syn is the only aero road bike that not only remains aerodynamics when used with water bottles, but wind tunnel data indicates that the aerodynamic drag in fact drops by 12.3% when a bottle is present in the downtube bottle cage. It is also the only aero road bike that does not sacrifice either stiffness nor rider comfort for the sake of aesthetics. The Syn is the perfect example of purely functional design.

Aerodynamic design was focused on achieving the lowest drag in real life conditions, which means riding your bike with water bottles. Presently there are no road bikes that retain their aerodynamic performance once round water bottles are used. We hold three international patents on the innovative concave downtube that we developed to achieve this unique performance feature.

Frame stiffness is also a very important feature that often lacks with other aero road bikes. We thus spent considerable time both researching and prototyping the best layup solutions for the Velocite Syn. The result is a bottom bracket stiffness that is 20% higher than any other frame’s currently in the market (data on file and available on request)

Lastly, and most importantly you have to live with and ride the bike. We thus made the Velocite Syn comfortable by applying the body of knowledge collected by the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie in Germany which determined that the major source of actual and perceived rider comfort is derived by the wheels/tires, and by the flexing of the seatpost. We use a standard round seatpost and a silicone bumper to dampen the flex rebound and thus eliminate the bouncing feeling or oscillation. Because we use a standard seatpost you can tune your level of comfort and road feel to suit your riding style or even the roads that you are riding on by choosing a different seatpost. The frame also uses removable rear dropouts, not just a removable hanger. This means that our rear derailleur hanger is extremely stiff delivering precise shifting, and that your frame will not get destroyed in the event that you damage the frame dropouts.


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