Velocite Tenax R Wheelset


Lightweight alloy wheels for everyday use.


The Velocite Tenax R alloy wheels are a result of ongoing development and rider feedback. The deep profile rim provides strength and aerodynamic performance, while the new and improved environmentally sealed hub with 6-pawl engagement system provides a stable and reliable foundation.

Key Features:

  • Advanced proprietary 6 series 20mm wide, 30mm tall alloy welded rims for ultimate strength and durability, weigh just 450g each
  • CNC rim sidewalls with wear indicator, removable decals
  • Self locking alloy Alpina ABS nipples to prevent spontaneous spoke unwinding
  • Low ductility Pillar PSR 14 plain gauge stainless steel spokes
  • 20 spokes in radial configuration on the front wheel, 24 on the rear with 12 radial on non drive side and 12 2-cross on the drive side.
  • Velocite Tenax R hubs with environmental sealing, 6 pawl engagement and Shimano 11s compatible replaceable cassette hub body
  • Replaceable, sealed cartridge bearings
  • Handmade, stress relieved, individually QC certified
  • Weight: 1515g

Tenax R wheels are a good choice of wheelset for riding or racing in wet conditions, and even climbing due to their very low weight.


We feel that we delivered a wheelset that is not only suitable for training, but also for aggressive short course racing due to minimal rim weight (450g) and alloy nipples that minimise the rotational inertia. The easily serviceable, fully environmentally sealed Tenax R hubs complete the package.

High lateral stiffness. The lateral stiffness of the wheels is derived through three main factors: rim stiffness, hub stiffness, spoke bracing angle. The 30mm Tenax rims are lightweight, but also robust enough to handle everyday riding conditions in any weather. Similarly, the Tenax R hubs use oversize 69xx series bearings on the drive size and the cassette body and a 15mm alloy axle which ensure good stiffness and reliable performance.

LIght weight. The new Tenax R wheels are some of the lightest alloy aero wheels available and represent excellent value.

High durability and strength. To deliver optimal strength and durability we made several important design choices:

  • proprietary alloy used for the rims is 20% stronger than the common 6061 alloy
  • the rims are welded instead of pinned, or sleeve joined which is more common
  • spokes are cold forged Pillar PSR 14 with 350 kgf ultimate tensile strength
  • hubs use oversize 15mm axle and 69xx series bearings
  • the hubs are environmentally sealed to remain free of contamination even in wet weather.
  • 11s compatible cassette body is replaceable and the ratchet system is easily serviceable


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